How to make more money from your clinic by doing less work:

  1. Install and use Clinic-Ware

………………………..That’s it!

Clinic-Ware practice management system is specifically for vet clinics, it is incredibly cost effective and will increase your profitability and free up your time.


This is a one-off payment for a life time licence

Clinic-Ware is very easy to install (we handle all the installation and set-up) and very easy to use. It will keep all your records, organize your data and organize your day.

Clinic-Ware will run your clinic for you – From Consults to Patient Records

It will send out reminders of appointments, upcoming vaccinations etc by letter, SMS or email. It will control your stock, tell you when to re-order and when stock is nearing its sell by date. It will provide all reports including financial and banking to save your time. First year support included in initial fee.

Clinic-Ware support is friendly, efficient  and quick.

If you can use a cell phone you can use Clinic-Ware!

Clinic-Ware now also offers :

  • On-Line Booking
  • Wellness/Loyalty scheme
  • Integration with Smartflow Sheets for inpatients………… All third party software – there is an additional fee for each

Clinic-Ware competes very favourably with systems that charge a fee every year….often thousands of dollars every year!  Read about the main features and benefits of our system- they are listed below.

Clinic-Ware is very stable and has been helping Australian vets to maximize efficiency and profitability since 2006.

Clinic-Ware is offered to you at only $2,900 (normally $5,800) and you only pay that once.  (Till Xmas Lifetime license fee per clinic).


  • There is a (one off) $1,000 data auditing and conversion fee if you are changing from another system. Nothing if you’re not.
  • There are No Ongoing License Fees or Additional Fees.
  • No extra fees for extra workstations
  • This includes installation, setup and full training as well as first year’s support and updates.
  • Year 2 onwards, only $1,350 annually for unlimited support, upgrades and updates.
  • You can access your system from anywhere with internet access.


Contact us now to change to Clinic-Ware, the ultra-reliable, easy to use Practice Management System. For a one off lifetime license fee of only $2,900! That includes all Clinic-Ware modules, training, set up and first year support!


I would like to show you how easy our system is to use. It quite literally will take 30 minutes of your time and can be done, on-line, at a time to suit you.


Clinic-Ware   –    It  WORKS !!!

Built on the very latest Microsoft Technology of Dot Net and SQL 2014.


Our Clinic-Ware functional capability list follows here:




·         Multiple Addresses

·         Multiple Phone numbers

·         Letter, E-mail and SMS communication

·         Individual Client Discounts

·         Automatic link to Patients

·         Multiple monthly statement options

·         Email statements

·         Sophisticated Sort & Filter functions



·         Patient Transfer

·         Patient History (Detailed & Summary)

·         Patient History (with / without Prices)

·         Drug tracking for a Patient

·         Microchip Tag & Chip Management

·         Sophisticated Sort & Filter functions



·         Calendar View Appointments

·         Day, Week and Monthly Views

·         Split Screen capability for different Providers

·         List View providing excellent analysis tools

·         Appointments pick up Reminders sent

·         View all previous appointments



·         Multiple types Desex, Vacc User Defined etc

·         Auto-generated by Patient Age

·         Auto generated by use of selected Products

·         Auto generated by use of selected Vaccines

·         Sophisticated multi-filter function

·         Send E-Mail/SMS or Letter reminders




·         Barcode Reading Capability

·         Automatic Stock Order generation

·         On Line Stock Orders

·         Stock Receipts with Product file updates

·         Stock Returns, both  Customer and Supplier

·         Stock Valuations

·         Stock Movement Management

·         Detailed Drug usage reporting

·         Use by date analysis



Counter Sales

·         Client and Walk-in capability

·         Cash or Account Sales

·         Automatic Inventory Adjustment

·         Miscellaneous non-Inventory items

·         Cash Register capability




·         Invoices, Receipts

·         Account Adjustments (Cr, Dr)

·         Statements in various contexts

·         Full Reconciliation Reports

·         Advance Payments

·         Quotations

·         Aging of Accounts

·         Balancing the Till with / without float

·         Daily Banking summary & report

·         Day end Business reconciliation

·         Export all financial data to Excel




Overall Look & Feel

·         Up to date coloured

·         Drag & Drop columns

·         Customise screen columns for efficiency

·         Chinese characters

·         Click on Column headers to sort each column

·         You can print each & every screen

·         Export all data fields to Excel

·         Full Date ranges & timestamps on all screens

·         Any doc capable of being stored on a computer can be stored in Clinic-Ware. x-rays, videos etc.



·         Many / extensive User write-up zones

·         Integrated Products, Vaccines and Services

·         Standard Services capability

·         Automatic Patient file update for Micro-chipping, Vaccinations, Euthanasia etc

·         Access to Patient History

·         Ability to create Reminders

·         Multi-Provider capability

·         Access to Patient Charts and Documents

·         Separate Consultation Finalization process

·         Make next appointment before leaving


System Maintenance

·         Sophisticated Security System

·         Trusted staff log in

·         Staff access control to modules at read, write, or delete levels

·         100% Audit trail (who changed what, when)

·         Back Up and Restore

o     Backup Creation scheduling

o     Restore from range of external devices



Referential Data

·         25 User defined tables to prevent repetitive data entry

·         All tables may be user modified in terms of: